Caribbean Payroll Company (CPC) provides payroll admin services as ‘all -in’ package solution, that includes process changes, providing output and preparation of monthly and annual compliance. We are headquartered in Curaçao and do have a satellite office in St. Maarten as well. From there we can provide assistance in Curaçao, Aruba, St. Maarten (Dutch side), Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (so called: ‘BES islands’).

In general, we can identify three types of services:

Below we will describe more in-depth what service we can provide for each type.

Payroll Admin

With CPC, your payroll administration is in the hands of experienced payroll experts. All of our employees hold at least a Practical Degree in Payroll Administration and have taken various payroll and labor law trainings. In addition, our staff have gained experience and have followed education in accountancy and HRM.

As part of the processing of your payroll, you will be provided with the required information, including pay slips, a list of net wages, payroll journal items, periodic declarations, and any required specifications. We strive to automate processes and provide the information in a digital way.

CPC processes its payrolls with an online web application, which allows clients to access their payrolls and documents online at any time. In addition, it is possible for your employees to have their own online account where they can receive their periodic pay slips and annual statements. In other words, printing and distributing pay slips will be a thing of the past thanks to our online payroll software.

CPC processes its clients’ payrolls based on wage cost reduction methods to prevent unnecessary costs and premiums/contributions from being applied and paid. In addition, we keep our clients informed of any amendments to legislation that may be applicable, while conducting periodic internal and external checks to be sure that the correct wage elements and additional tax liabilities are applied and tax and premiums/contributions are calculated correctly.

With our all-in solution we got you covered!

Payment Services

In addition to the payroll admin service, we can offer the payment service as well. We do have local escrow accounts in place on all Dutch Caribbean islands to perform local payments. Payments can include the payment of net wages to your employees and the monthly payment of tax and social security contributions on all islands.

This service is often used by employers that are active on more than one island but can, of course, also be provided to employers that are just active on one. This service may be used monthly, but also once-only or for a specific period, e.g. when circumstances temporarily prevent you from carrying out these activities yourself.

Apart from the fact that you will no longer have to worry about these payments, another advantage clients have noted is that, for example, the specification of net wages does not appear on your own bank statements.

If you wish to use these services, which are available for Aruba, Curaçao, St. Maarten, and BES islands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba), you will receive from CPC a list of required financial means every month. After these means have been received in our trust account, CPC will make the payments to employees and institutions in due time.

HRM Consultancy

The CPC team has advanced knowledge in the areas of different forms of remuneration, primary and secondary employment conditions, social security, tax facilities and benefits, expatriate salaries and wage cost reduction measures. We are able to provide adequate advice that fits your local business.

We are well skilled in automate the full payroll process, looking at the input and output side. The input includes the way of gathering the periodically changes. We work closely with other providers that may fit your needs. The output relates to payslips towards employees through an (online) portal, finance information to align with your bookkeeping system and the use of bank files for all payroll related payments.

Together with the CTC team, we can help with all communication with the local government on the specific islands. We file objections, clean-up debtor lists, obtain for specific fiscal regimes like expatriate regimes and the application on specific rates for cessantia/severance payments.

Just reach out to us for any payroll related question!