Periodic Payroll Processing

Based on the transactional data you provide as an employer, we process your periodic payrolls.

As part of processing your payroll, you will be provided with the required documents, including pay slips, a list of bank transfers, salary journals, periodic declarations, and any required specifications. Likewise, it is possible for CPC to provide a digital payment file for the purpose of paying net wages, as well as a digital salary journal to import in your financial records. 

CPC processes its payrolls with an online web application, which allows clients to access their payrolls and documents online at any time. In addition, it is possible for your employees to have their own online account where they can receive their periodic pay slips and annual documents. In other words, printing and distributing pay slips will be a thing of the past thanks to our online payroll software.

CPC processes its clients' payrolls based on wage cost reduction methods to prevent unnecessary costs and premiums/contributions from being applied and paid. In addition, we keep our clients informed of any amendments to legislation that may be applicable, while conducting periodic internal and external checks to be sure that the correct wage elements and taxed fringe benefits are applied and tax and premiums/contributions are calculated correctly.

CPC can also handle the registration and deregistration of your employees with the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) and Social Health Insurance (SZV). It is important for employees to be registered with SVB/SZV with accurate data, because depending on e.g. the amount of their wages and the number of workdays, specific premiums/contributions may or may not be applicable, and the employer may receive compensation for wage loss from SVB/SZV. CPC has the knowledge required to advise you in this area and to properly handle these registration and deregistration procedures.

Payrolls handled by CPC are "Tax Audit-Proof" and will not lead to tax assessments and/or fines.

Our Clients

Our Clients