Advanced Course in Payroll Administration

This advanced payroll course is a refreshment of the knowledge previoulsy acquired in the basic payroll course.

In addition thereto other topics will be discussed, such as: 

  • Gross-net calculations including employer social premium contributions (wage costs calculations)
  • Processing of pensionpremium and pension pay slips
  • Characteristics of employment relationship
  • Cessantia Law (+ calculation)
  • Measures for wage cost reduction
  • Forms of remuneration carrying a low tax cost
  • Social Security Insurance law and obligations
  • Assistance with audits by BAB and SVB
  • Expatriate fiscal law + salary calculations 
  • Trainees
  • Components of wages for the SVB
  • Loss of income for SVB
  • Social legislation
  • Compensation for overtime (Arbeidsregeling 2000)
  • Article 45 cases
  • Determination whether administration of wages is required (casual labor)
  • Important payroll related websites
  • Filing objections to assessments

During this training participants will have the opportunity to discuss frequently occuring problems and are encouraged to explore possible solutions thereto together with the other participants. This course will be given in Dutch.

This course will be given on 5, 6 and 7 September 2018.
The costs are ANG 1.350*.

*lunches and the course material are included.

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* Curaçao: Please transfer ANG 1.350,00 to MCB account in the name of CPC in Willemstad.

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